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about us

Kanine Klippers is South Austin's premier dog grooming salon providing quality dog services including haircuts, baths, toe nail trimming and other hygiene services for your lovable pet.  We are a privately owned shop that prides itself in taking care of our customers and assuring a pleasant experience for your kanine.  Call us to schedule your next appointment. Check out our reviews on Yelp and Facebook. 

About the Owner: Mary Beth has over 12 years of dog grooming experience.  After a year of working as a groomer for Kanine Klippers, she had the opportunity to take ownership of the business in 2013.  She looks forward to continuing to build relationships with her wonderful existing clients and the new clients to come. 



Our Services



Every bath comes with our regular shampoo that will leave your kanine smelling clean & fresh for weeks.  This service includes a toenail trim, ear cleaning/plucking and anal gland expression (if needed).  Pricing varies depending on breed, size and coat.

Face, Feet and Fanny

This is a great option for when your kanine doesn't quite need a haircut but needs to be cleaned and neatened up.  The Face, Feet and Fanny includes a bath (with everything a bath service offers), trimming the face, trimming the feet and shaving the pads, and sanitary trims.  For breeds that require no trimming around the face, we will trim long hair under the belly and on the haunches.  Pricing varies depending on breed, size and coat.

Full service groom

A Full Service Groom is the premium service that includes a bath (with everything a bath offers) and a full body haircut.  You can give your kanine a short summer 'do or keep them nice and fluffy!  Pricing varies depending on breed, size and coat.


Love this place! Cute, open, clean and super sweet with my pupper, Orwell for his grooming.
— Alison, Yelp Reviewer

Walk-in services

  • Nail Trim
  • Nail Filing
  • Toothbrushing
  • Ear Cleaning/Plucking
  • Anal Glands

*We accept walk-ins for the services listed above but we recommend calling ahead or making an appointment for faster turnaround time.


We have many different shampoos to choose from, including Whitening, Oatmeal, Flea and Hypo-Allergenic.

Conditioner is great for loosening tangles and sending your kanine home with a soft, shinny coat.

We can also add on services such as nail filing and tooth brushing.


important information

We ask for 3-4 hours for every drop off service.  When your kanine is all done with a day of beauty, we will contact you.  If your kanine has special needs and requires a shorter drop off time, please advise us when making an appointment.  An express charge may be applied.


Mary Beth just understands dogs and dog owners! She always gets the cut right! If you want an amazing experience for your pet, this is the place to go
— David A, Yelp Reviewer


Satisfied Customers




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Kanine Klippers is located in South Austin at 8708 South Congress Avenue, Suite 520, Austin, TX 78745. We can be reached by phone at 512-292-9112. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp.